Beth Cumbo is a self-taught artist who has been teaching, showing, selling and commissioning her work for the past two decades.  Sip and Paint events have been her main focus for the last couple of years.  Her success to teaching these events stem from:

*    A thorough knowledge and experience with acrylic paints and quality art products.  She uses a combination of techniques for each and every painting. Thereby, enabling the attendees to create more sophisticated artwork.

*    Every person innately has there own style, from the start.  As the painting progresses it becomes apparent with each person and their art.  She puts a strong emphasis on embracing their own style.  There is no "wrong”.

*    People live their everyday life, running from chore to chore in a hurried, chaotic and frenzied pace.  Beth is very in-tuned to this fact and understands a common need among our society to re-connect with our inner selves.   What better medium to do this with than creativity?  Her events are a grounding and refreshing experience for all souls. 

Doubtful and inexperienced people walk away as validated artists.  She has a large repeat clientele, whom look forward to the next rewarding and challenging creation to add to their own personal gallery.